Jon Pheasant - EP


1. Won't Forget 
Written by J. Pheasant and J. Mathias 

2. Take Me Back 
Written by J. Pheasant 

3. Let Me Hold You 
Written by J. Pheasant 

4. Universe (I'll Never Let You Go) 
Written by J. Pheasant and N. Sego


released October 13, 2015 

Recorded, Mixed, Engineered, and Mastered by James Mathias 
Recorded at Mathias Studios in Pittsgrove, New Jersey 
Cover Photo by Joshua Rivera 

Jon Pheasant - Lead/Backing Vocals / Guitars / Bass Guitar 

Special thanks to: 
James Mathias for Guitar solos / Backing vocals 
Ben Pheasant for Drums / Percussion and Keyboards 
Dave Romero for Backing vocals

Jon Pheasant - EP


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    The British Invasion Experience


    Photos by Liz Lange


    Designed by Adis 'Addy' Pleh