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Jon Pheasant

Lead Vocals / Guitar


Jon has always had a fascination with music and learned to play guitar at an early age performing at youth events for churches. It wasn’t long after that, he discovered the Beatles and immediately fell in love with their music. By 2003 at the age of 14, Jon began performing a Beatles Tribute as a street musician in Ocean City, Maryland, and soon after that, he began performing at local restaurants, clubs, private events, and other venues around the Mid-Atlantic region. He was instrumental in forming a Progressive Rock group; Proof of Love; which focused on original material. He then became instrumental in forming The British Invasion Experience, a way to pay tribute to the music that he grew up with and inspired him to pursue music as a career. Jon is also involved with his solo project where he performs originals and covers alike. Jon is heavily involved with not just the performing aspect but also managing The British Invasion Experience and his Solo Project. Between The British Invasion Experience and his solo career, Jon currently tours all around the East Coast region and is looking to expand further with both projects.

James Mathias

Lead Guitar / Vocals


Growing up in a musical family, James began playing guitar at nine years old. His inspiration comes from a number of people, “Mostly my dad who taught me how to play guitar.” He started to write his own music around the same age and performed his music at school events, eventually moving on to performing professionally at bars, clubs, and coffee shops. Through these experiences, and the inspiration from artists such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Anthony Green, Radiohead, and much more, James has become an accomplished Indie singer/songwriter. With writing his own music James also enjoys recording and producing his own material. James met Jon at an open mic in Pitman, New Jersey (Bus Stop Music Café) and then soon after joined The British Invasion Experience; and it was instantly a perfect fit. “I’ve always loved performing live and playing the music I love. And all the music from the British invasion era has had a big impact on me, so paying tribute to that music is really rewarding."



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Daniel Mathias

Drums / Vocals


Peace, love, and music — there’s nothing better than getting on stage and playing these iconic songs for an audience. Performing with my brother, James, is priceless; the bond we have is magical. I was gifted my first drum set on my fifth birthday, and it changed my life forever. Angels & Airwaves, The Killers, The 1975, and Van Halen are just a few of my countless inspirations. Last but not least, Jon & Roger — I consider them brothers, and when we play music together it’s endless fun. Needless to say, I love playing drums and sharing music with the world.

Photo by Phillip Lebowitz

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